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Driving: Defensive Driving: Step Vans

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"I'm a good driver; it's the other guy I worry about." This video training refreshes every driver on the basic defensive driving skills to prepare you for whatever the "other guy" does behind the wheel. Most accidents are caused by speeding, failure to stop, following too closely or crossing the center line. All of those driving faults can be compounded by snow, ice, rain or foggy conditions. A smaller number of crashes are due to vehicle malfunction. The seven defensive driving techniques this video shows will prepare any driver to expect the unexpected.

Pre-trip inspections of the vehicle's exterior, engine compartment and interior help eliminate vehicle malfunctions. Testing safety equipment, such as lights, turn signals, wipers, mirrors and always using a seatbelt is emphasized. The course presents the hazards distractions cause, such as cell phone use and eating and drinking behind the wheel. Drivers get a refresher on the importance of keeping their eyes moving, checking the mirrors often, being on the lookout for animals and children, and analyzing what they see. The video emphasizes the need to create a cushion of safety all around the vehicle, and pays special attention to tailgating and establishing a safe driving distance. The training addresses the dangers associated with intersections, right-of-way issues, inclement weather and much more.

Driving can be the most dangerous activity of the day. Be sure your employees know how to defend themselves against others' poor decisions, impulsive actions and erratic behavior behind the wheel. Empower them to expect others' mistakes and make themselves noticed. Help them see trouble coming down the road before it gets to them.

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All drivers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Driving Preparation
  • Driver Awareness
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Conclusion

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