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10 Behaviors of An Ethical Leader

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Employees are more likely to make ethical decisions if they recognize the people in positions of leadership applying ethics around the workplace. Eric Harvey, author of Ethics 4 Everyone, discusses ten characteristics of ethical leaders in this online video.

Leaders learn how to apply organizational values and set an example for employees by utilizing ethics to make all decisions, big or small. Harvey stresses the importance of holding people accountable for their behaviors, raising expectations of employees and recognizing/rewarding ethical behavior.

By setting rules and standards based on your organizational values you can encourage your workforce to act ethically and create a culture of integrity. This Video On Demand provides examples of how the most successful leaders act ethically, bringing out the best in their employees so the organization and the people it serves benefit.

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All those in a leadership role, including managers and supervisors

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • #1 - High Values Awareness
  • #2 - High Values Accountability
  • #3 - Leadership By Example
  • #4 - Ethical Decision-Making
  • #5 - In-Sync Policies and Practices
  • #6 - Values and Ethics Education
  • #7 - Attention to Perceptions
  • #8 - Steady Incremental Change
  • #9 - Hire and Promote Ethical Employees
  • #10 - Recognize and Reward
  • Conclusion

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