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Back Safety: Powerlift: Lifting Training That Works

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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The economic engine of our bodies is our backs, and this video features five lifting techniques to help protect against back injury. Using techniques developed by Dr. Michael Schaefer, chiropractic orthopedic, and employed by some of the largest companies in the world, workers learn how to safely lift loads with and without handles. Maintaining a strong, neutral spine position is the key to Dr. Schaefer's Power Lifting techniques.

First, viewers analyze the shortcomings of the standard squat-lift technique commonly used. Rather than use the back like a crane, the Power Lift techniques rely on creating a stable base and maintaining a neutral spine position while using the legs for the power stroke. The video shows and explains five lifting techniques: wide-stance lift; tilt load; tripod; golfer's bend and lean-bar lift. Everyday applications for each lift is depicted-everything from lifting children, unloading a washing machine and removing items from car trunks-are combined with industrial applications.

Male or female, young or old-everyone benefits from lifting properly. This video should be seen by any employee who lifts any type of materials in the course of their work, or by anyone who understands the importance of taking good care of one's back.

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All employees who lift goods; especially material handlers

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • The Dangers of Back Lifting
  • Squat Lifting Flaws
  • The Wide Stance PowerLift
  • The PowerLift Tipping Load
  • The PowerLift Tripod Lift
  • The Golfer's Bend
  • The Lean-Bar Technique
  • Bridging
  • Summary

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