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Ladder Safety

This course has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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Looking at a ladder it may seem simple to use, but one wrong move could leave you injured and on the ground. This video explains the correct way to use a ladder as well as how to prevent accidents and injuries. This course discusses the importance of reading the manufacturing instructions prior to use. Different ladders such as fixed, step, and straight ladders to name a few are discussed. Factors such as weight capacity, how to climb and how to place them are detailed in the video.

The video demonstrates how to properly position a ladder against a surface and how many feet from the base of the surface it should be. This is important for proper support on the ladder. After ladder safety and placement is discussed safely climbing a ladder is illustrated using the 3 point rule of climbing.

Finally, the course explains what to do in case someone falls from a ladder. Life saving techniques like how to prevent a person from going into shock and the importance of not moving a person is covered. Use this course to learn how to correctly use a ladder and avoid accidents and injuries.

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Individuals who use ladders for professional and personal use

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Using Ladders
  • Ladder Placement
  • Climbing Safely
  • Accident
  • Review

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