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Dialogue: Now You're Talking! Dialogue Among Generations

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This training video explains how to create a more respectful workplace by engaging in constructive dialogue between generations. The six principles of engaging in constructive dialogue to build understanding and trust among co-workers are explored. Listening emphatically can help improve relationships, build unity and improve productivity. Ways to deepen the understanding of one another’s thoughts, feelings and needs are illustrated in the video. Segments of the video illustrate the need to suspend judgment, speak for yourself, listen empathically, look for common ground and assumptions, and separate the discussion from decision-making.

By exploring cultural attitudes on the work team, this video sheds light on age biases that can contribute to the dissolution of group unity. It brings enlightenment to teammates unaware of their own biases. This video is engaging, and illustrates how to conduct a constructive dialogue in small groups, and how to facilitate ongoing, constructive communication to improve team performance and maximize the contributions of every individual. It is appropriate for employees in any organization, but particularly those with highly-interdependent, multi-generational teams.

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All employees interested in improving their communication skills

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Rules For Dialogue
  • Dialogue or Debate?
  • Back to the Ground Rules
  • Generation Gap?
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Conclusion

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