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Institutional Strategies To Combat Racism

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Racism, prejudice, conscious and unconscious bias are inescapable, and organizational leaders must strategize ways to combat racism. Before you attempt to implement institutional strategies for combating racism however, you must first understand what such strategies entail. An institutional strategy or policy is applicable to all levels of management, all functions and departments, and all employees. In short, eliminating racism must become the responsibility of everyone in the organization. You will learn additional information regarding the creation of an anti-racism strategy in this on-demand lesson.

Systems, strategies, and explicit goals are critical in combating racism, but even more important is the company’s culture. This culture includes individuals’ attitudes, values, and behaviors. A company may have a visionary plan to combat racism, but that plan is meaningless if the employees ignore it or if the company’s environment does not promote compliance. Of course, there are additional considerations for how your strategy must be supported (including financially), which are presented to you here as well.

While diversity initiatives are also key in fighting racism, they must be specifically tailored to each underrepresented community. Eliminating racism is a continual endeavor. Utilize the materials provided in this training video and understand how you can best combat racism in your organization.

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All those in leadership roles

The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • What You Need To Know Before You Create An Anti-Racism Strategy
  • How To Successfully Support Your Strategy For Combating Institutional Racism
  • What Are Key Steps For Successful D&I Programs?
  • Summary

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