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Eliminating Driving Distractions: To The Point

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Statistics indicate that one in four motor vehicle fatalities is a result of distracted driving. What many people fail to realize is distracted driving is more than the use of a cell phone. This training focuses on the different types of driving distractions and how to avoid them. Multi-tasking is something people do all day but can become a safety hazard when on the road.

This course starts by explaining the four main types of distractions, visual, auditory, cognitive and manual. Visual distractions for example include looking out the window at a person or dropping something in the car and retrieving it. Auditory distractions are things like listening to loud music or conversations and can distract from hearing an emergency vehicle emerging behind them. The course demonstrates a number of distractions falling under each major category. The course then illustrates ways to avoid distractions. Putting one’s phone away before driving, and not having conversations while driving are some examples.

Limiting distractions when driving seems like common sense, but drivers often become complacent or think what distracts someone else won’t distract them. Use this course to help employees learn how to control potential distractions before driving and create habits to stay safe behind the wheel.

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The course presents the following topical areas:
  • Introduction
  • Distracted Driving Is A Complex Problem
  • Visual Distraction
  • Auditory Distraction
  • Cognitive Distraction
  • Manual Distraction
  • Multi-Faceted Distractions
  • Controlling Potential Distractions Before Driving
  • The Role Of Physical & Mental States In Driving Awareness
  • Avoiding Complacency

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