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April 2017

PowerPoint 2016 training

This month Mastery released a series of 15 courses on Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. These courses, produced by Sonic Performance Support, guide users through the different features of PowerPoint 2016 and help employees create more professional slideshow presentations.

All the courses feature HD video. Topics progress from the basics of setting up a presentation to creating custom design templates, adding equations and working with animations. There are also lessons on delivering a presentation and securing and distributing a presentation.

Check out all the courses available on computer skills here.

Harassment Prevention Essentials

Harassment Prevention Essentials and Harassment Prevention Essentials for Managers are the two newest courses available in Mastery’s library. Both courses, produced by ATS Media, demonstrate how to identify harassment, the consequences of harassing behavior and how to address harassment. Both courses provide examples of different types of harassment, such as teasing through social media, and negative behavior toward someone’s religion or ethnicity as harassment.

Employees and managers learn the role they must take in preventing and responding to harassment, whether they are a victim or a witness. Taking a proactive approach in addressing harassment can help eliminate it. Use these courses to get started.

For a full list of courses on harassment, click here.

Leverage the Power of Generations

One struggle employers are encountering in today’s workplace is dealing with the most generationally diverse workforce and the coinciding workplace conflicts. We have added GWT Next’s program “Leverage the Power of Generations” to our training library to help you successfully bridge the generation gap.

This new course features Global Workforce Innovator, change-expert and author, Laura Goodrich. This course goes beyond only examining the characteristics of each generation, it also addresses how people can learn from each other, better understand each other, and draw from each other’s strengths to work more harmoniously. After all, everyone has something to learn and something to teach.

To learn more about this course, click here.

Training as an Employee Retention Incentive

Download our latest white paper, “Offering Training as an Employee Retention Incentive,” and learn how training can help you retain, engage and recruit. This may seem like an odd assertion - isn't training something employees tolerate rather than actively seek out? However, that's not necessarily the case, and there is data to back it up. Professionals today are looking for more than just conventional benefits, and training has become a popular preference.

To read more access this free white paper here.

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