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December 2021

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy year to come in 2022!

DOT and Defensive Driving Training

This month we released four new online training courses to help those in the trucking industry comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and keep drivers safe on the roadways. These courses cover defensive driving, DOT Hours of Service, and DOT Cargo Securement Standard regulations.

The four new titles include:

For a complete list of courses related to DOT regulations, click here. For all of Mastery Training Services courses related to safe driving, click here.

Customer Service Training

Most organizations strive to provide stellar customer service. This month we released six new courses to help strengthen customer service skills.

New titles include:

For courses related to customer service, click here.

This Month's News:

Happy New Year!

DOT and Defensive Driving Training

Customer Service Training

New Courses 


Driving Defensively For CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: The Basics

Driving Defensively For CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: Handling Adverse Conditions

DOT Hours Of Service

DOT Cargo Securement

Being Part Of A Team

Being A New Leader

Advanced Difficult Customer Techniques

Advanced Customer Service

Managing Difficult Customers

Handling Conflict

Difficult Customer Types

Emotional Intelligence

Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service

Award Winning Emails

Introduction To Coaching

Coaching For Change Part 1

Coaching For Change Part 2

Showing Empathy

Positive First Impressions

Managing Customer Needs

Know Your Business

High Performing Teams





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