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July 2017

Outlook 2016 Training

This month we released 17 new titles on Microsoft Outlook 2016. These courses, produced by Sonic Performance Support, show employees tips and tricks to manage their e-mail more efficiently with Outlook 2016.

All the courses feature HD video. Some of the topics include: formatting messages, working with attachments, organizing messages, managing contacts, sharing workspaces, and managing Outlook data files.

Check out all computer skills training, including courses on PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook 2016.

New Options for Refresher Training

This month we released a series of courses, produced by ERI Safety Videos, to provide a shorter version of popular safety training topics for organizations to use for re-training. These courses, labeled “Concise Versions,” feature HD videos around or under 10 minutes in length.

These courses help organizations build a library of training content with a full-length program for new hires or employees taking on new job roles, and a concise version of the same course for employees to take annually as a refresher. These courses are also helpful for organizations looking for a training solution to accommodate a time constraint.

New titles will continue to be added to our library. Here are the first six that have been released:

Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse – Training for Employees & Managers

It is estimated that one in ten workers in the United States has a substance abuse problem. This month we released two new courses on dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. There is one course geared toward employees and one for managers and supervisors.

Both courses, originally produced by Marcom LTD., feature HD video. These courses teach learners about the effects of different substances commonly abused, and how to recognize and handle on-the-job substance abuse.

For a complete list of courses listed to this topic, click here.

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