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March 2017

New HD Customer Service Training

This month we released 8 new customer service training videos, originally produced by the Telephone Doctor. These courses feature the tried-and-true lessons the Telephone Doctor is so well-known for, updated with all new HD video.

Here are the new titles:

For a full list of available customer service courses, click here.

New Course on Safety Housekeeping

We recently released, “Safety Housekeeping and Accident Prevention.” This new course, produced by Marcom, teaches employees how to recognize and respond to hazardous workplace conditions.

Wet slippery floors, loose carpeting, and bad lighting are just a few hazards that can cause someone to trip and fall. This course explains how to prevent accidents by using tools and equipment safely and properly.

Use this course to train employees on keeping a clean and organized workplace, which in turn creates a safer work environment for everyone.

For a listing of all courses on safety housekeeping, click here.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Training for Construction

This month we released a new course, produced by Excal Visual, called “Ground Control: Storm Water Pollution Prevention for Construction Sites."

There can be serious impacts on the environment if storm water runoff pollutes waterways with waste from a construction site. Therefore, construction sites need to have a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan to help mitigate runoff. This course explains how to prevent storm water runoff from polluting streams and rivers at construction sites.

Educate workers on the proper procedures to follow to prevent construction site water pollution, comply with storm water regulations, and maintain an environmentally-friendly jobsite.

For more information on this course, click here.

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