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May 2017

New Customer Service Training

When it comes to customer service, an organizations reputation is on the line. To protect your reputation, you should invest in customer service training, such as the latest customer service training series from Telephone Doctor. This best-selling series has been updated to now feature all high-definition video.

These fourteen new courses cover a wide-variety of customer service skills and selling skills to help customer service departments provide better service, yielding more satisfied clients. Completely reshot and updated with new video, this best-selling series is hosted by Customer Service Expert Nancy Friedman. Friedman demonstrates customer service techniques for topics such as, how to handle angry customers, questioning techniques to determine client needs, essential telephone skills and more.

The fourteen titles include:

Caught In/Between and Struck by Hazards

Struck By and Caught In/Between accidents are some of the most common leading causes of injuries and fatalities at construction sites. This month we released two new courses covering these subjects Struck-By Hazards in Construction Environments and Caught-In/Between Hazards in Construction Environments.

OSHA covers guidelines for recognizing these hazards and preventing these types of injuries and both courses cover those practices.

Use these courses to show workers the safe work practices they must follow to prevent these types of accidents at the construction site.

As Simple As Respect

What is respect, and how do you create a respectful work environment? There are several ways you can help create a more respectful work environment, and this new video-based training, called As Simple As Respect, shows you how.

This course, produced by ATS Media, shows different examples of disrespectful behavior, how those behaviors impact others, and what to do to resolve the situation.

Utilize the information presented in this training video and learn how creating a harmonious workplace for everyone is as simple as respect.

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