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October 2016

Emotional Intelligence Training

This month we released three new courses on emotional intelligence. These courses help employees understand what emotional intelligence is and how our emotions play into workplace relationships and job performance.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence helps employees learn how their own emotions affect their stress levels and ability to work. The course demonstrates how to understand emotions, and foster and self-regulate emotions.

Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence helps employees learn how we influence the emotions of those around us. This course teaches employees to recognize emotions, and understand how emotions affect interactions at work.

Emotional Intelligence and Optimal Performance helps employees understand the balance between being challenged, stressed and how it affects job performance. The course focuses on dealing with heightened emotions, managing stress, and empathy.

Use all three of these courses to help employees develop a higher level of emotional intelligence.

Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack

This month we released a new course on how to deal with active shooter situations called, Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack. It is a frightening and unfortunate fact that there is a need for this type of training, however, preparing employees gives them the best chance to survive.

This course demonstrates how to recognize an attack, run from a shooter, hide from a shooter, fight a shooter if engaged, and what to do when the police arrive.

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New Series on Using Windows 10

Many people are making the switch to Windows 10, and this new series of courses helps employees benefit from all the new features and functionality available. These seven courses can help employees navigate the Windows 10 environment.

Here are the new courses:

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