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September 2019

New Materials Handling Training

This month we released three new courses related to materials handling. First, “Manual Pallet Jack Safety” covers the hazards and safe work practices related to using a manual pallet jack.

Motorized Pallet Truck Safety” offers similar instruction on safe operating procedures for pallet trucks, such as walkies and walkie riders. Employees will learn how to safely lift, move and unload using a motorized pallet truck.

Finally, “Loading Dock Safety” shows employees safe work practices for the hustle and bustle of the loading dock. Loading docks are flooded with potential danger, and without the proper training, procedures, equipment and maintenance they are liable to deliver disaster at every turn.

Check out all our courses related to materials handling safety, here.

New Leadership and Business Skills Training

This month we’ve also released 12 new titles, produced by TalentQuest, covering topics related to leadership, organizational change, and communication. These courses are part of TalentQuest’s TQ Leadership Series. They are all less than 15 minutes and provide animated lessons on a variety of topics employees at every level of the organization can benefit from.

This month’s releases include:

Training on Emergency Preparedness for Severe Weather

Severe weather can happen anywhere and does not always come with a timely warning. Being prepared to respond to severe weather can help improve the odds for avoiding damage and injuries. This month we released the new course, “Severe Weather Safety: Prepare, Survive and Recover,” along with the Concise version to help employers prep their teams to deal with potential severe weather.

Some examples of severe weather discussed include, tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and floods. This training explores what should be included in an emergency action plan for work and home.

For our full list of courses available on emergency preparedness and emergency planning, click here.

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